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What we do?

Our four Pillars

Leadership Development

We offer personalized leadership development through assessment, executive coaching and our cutting edge leadership portal

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Organization Transformation

We enable organizations to align business strategy with organization and talent practices.

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Strategy and Implementation consulting

We help organisations in defining their people agenda and implementing new talent and workforce solutions.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

We help companies to develop their organisational capability in Strategic Workforce Planning.

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What we stand for?

Our Values


We integrate the latest research with cutting-edge technology.


We aspire a simple and intuitive user experience.


We connect people and we connect data to derive new insights.


We focus on adding business value with our solutions.

Who we are?

Christian Neubert

Managing Director


Christian Neubert is an accomplished senior executive and transformational leader. He acts as a trusted advisor to C-level executives for major business and culture transformations such as start-up, restructuring, rightsizing, M&A, due diligence and merger integration. Christian has deep expertise in cultural transformation with his ability to demonstrate links between strategy, culture and leadership behavior. His interactions with clients are insightful and provocative. He has experience from a multitude of countries, in a wide array of industries including pharmaceuticals, technology, banking and life sciences.

His specialty is in defining a strategic vision, leading and managing change, and executing to deliver against expected results. Wherever he goes, he cultivates innovation and demonstrates a global perspective, to deliver high performance across multiple cultures and markets.

Christian’s focus on advanced analytics solutions includes Strategic Workforce Planning, which allows senior leaders to take impactful decisions resulting in more agile organizations for today and in the future.

He is dedicated to successfully building and enabling organizations to build internal game-changing capabilities that have a long-lasting business impact.

Lisa Danels is an accomplished senior executive, leadership consultant and thought leader, specializing in building high-performance teams, developing enterprise and female leaders, and their next generation successors. Her focus is developing mindful and purpose-driven leaders, unlocking their personal power and leadership potential.

She successfully builds organizational capability and designs and implements integrated performance and talent management systems for global Fortune 500 companies. Lisa has deep expertise in cultural transformation with her ability to demonstrate links between strategy, culture and leadership behavior. She facilitates high performing team events that are insightful and provocative.

Her focus is on designing advanced analytics solutions including Strategic Workforce Planning, allowing senior leaders to take impactful decisions resulting in more agile organizations.

As an executive consultant and coach, she brings over two decades of broad business experience and acumen, providing insight and clarity to complex leadership issues. She has earned a reputation for innovation, helping individuals and organizations get

to the heart of the matter quickly and thus focus on meaningful value creation, business impact, and return on investment.

Lisa Danels

+41 78 694 7741

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What is Strategic Workforce Planning and how it can be used to de-risk the business strategy in organizations? Human Edge gives insight to Human Resource colleagues in how to evaluate the maturity of their Workforce Management practice areas and how to get started to build SWP organization capability.

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Transition Coaching Reaps Rewards

By Lisa D. Danels

Everyday leaders are transitioning into new leadership roles and this can prove to be a real test for even the most experienced executives.  According CEB [1], 46.3% of leaders underperform in their first year because they don’t

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